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Which Type of CTO Are You?

Which Type of CTO Are You?

Posted: 4 Oct 2017

As a Chief Technology Officer, there are many elements of your companies organisation that you are expected to oversee. This executive-level position is in charge of supervising all technical aspects and technological resources to ensure that there is growth within the company. In addition to this, it is of paramount importance that their main aim is to allow development in the organisation, by providing a vision and a goal.

Due to the wide range of roles and components of the company in which the CTO has to oversee, the role has diversified over the last couple of years. The CTO must meet the individual needs and wants of their organisation, so flexibility within the position is a must. Allowing their job description to alter depending on the company, a CTO may find that there are many differences in their role each day.

As a result of the ever-changing role in which a CTO has to play, the average salary of €102,595 reflects this. If you are looking at CTO jobs in Ireland, you may find that this can rise to as much as €160,000 for those with the right background and level of experience.

Recently, Access Alto, a leading global VMware hosting provider took a look at the role of a CTO. “Responsibilities of an individual’s role are largely defined by the point at which they joined the organisation”, stated Andy Brown, Divisional Director for Access Alto.

“CTOs that have been in place since a company’s inception may find their role more diverse and all-encompassing, whereas those appointed into a more mature organisation tend to inherit a more defined set of responsibilities, relevant to their specific industry”. As a result of this, the company divided the role into four categories; Infrastructure Commander, Technology Visionary, Customer Champion and The Big Thinker.

The Infrastructure Commander

For those CTO’s who are expected to oversee the IT infrastructure of the company, you may find that your role falls into the category of the Infrastructure Commander. People within this sector work for an already established company, so, therefore, have an enormous responsibility when it comes to ensuring that there are no issues with the data, security, maintenance and the network oversight.

If you fall into this category, you may find that you need to implement the business’ technical strategy, although you haven’t set it yourself, as well as manage the overall technology roadmap for the business while leading their team to this approach.

Technology Visionary

The Technology Visionary is likely to have worked in their organisation since its conception, so there is a chance that the company could still be in its early days as a start-up business. However, the Technology Visionary CTO is used to conceptualise how the company plans to use technology to advance its position within its sector. If you find yourself falling into this category, you should be expected to blueprint how technology will be used to meet the individual goals of the company. A CTO who defines themselves by falling into the category of the Technology Visionary will also seek out future uses of technology and aim to develop a strategy to drive their companies success in the future.

Customer Champion

For those CTO’s that find themselves often solving problems and in a slightly more customer-facing role, then the category of a Customer Champion best defines you. One of the key elements of a CTO is bringing people together, and a Customer Champion has a deeper understanding of their organisation’s target market, as well as a grasp on the influence the developing IT projects has on their companies demographic.

With customer relations at the heart of this CTO’s role, a Customer Champion is most often found in companies that have a software focus, as they have a bigger responsibility to understand the needs of the individual. Driving technology is one of the most important aspects of this CTO, and they strive to deliver excellence in UI and UX.

The Big Thinker

Lastly, the Big Thinker has a wide range of daily tasks which include contributing to new technology and planning technological developments. If you often find yourself analysing target markets, as well as having to push yourself, both regarding ambition and by making daring moves in the company, then there is a chance that you may be a Big Thinker.

This CTO aims to expand the business to allow it to meet its full potential. By pushing boundaries, they need to have a close relationship with the CEO and the senior management of the company to ensure that each sector of the company works cohesively with one another. The Big Thinker will have to be in charge of creating business models and has a substantial role in developing the corporate strategy of the company.

If you feel as though your role as a CTO fits into a range of different categories, why don’t you reach out to us on our social channels and let us know? Or, if you’re looking to enter a career as a Chief Technology Officer, why don’t you check out our blog on six top tips for your next job interview  to prepare yourself?

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