Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 is Subject to Significant Updates

Posted: 21 Dec 2017

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 is Subject to Significant Updates

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2017 has recently been the subject of some rather significant updates. Visual Studio 2017 Version 15.5 contained major performance updates, as well as new features and bug fixes that had been reported by users, leading to a more efficient program.

One of the biggest performance improvements is the solution load times for large Visual Basic and C# projects. In fact, it is reported that this load time has almost been cut by half. Alongside this, project templates now unfold much faster than before, with as much as a 40x improvement in unfold time reported in some exceptional cases.

If you are a developer you will also see some improvements, particularly if you use Angular 2. You will now see errors, completions and code navigation in inline templates and .ngml template files. Improvements have also been made to Razor syntax formatting and in the workflow for publishing ASP.NET applications to Azure Virtual Machines.

C++ Developers will see improvements to the Standard Template Library for C++ 17 standards, with the VC++ compiler now supporting 75% of the C++ 17 features. New optimisations have also been added to the compiler. C# Developers will also be interested to hear that Visual Studio 15.5 adds support for C# 7.2 features like Span<T>, private protected access modifier and the “read only” struct modifier.

For the JavaScript and TypeScript language service, the issue that caused more memory than intended to be used has been resolved. This same bug could also have been causing the loading of the wrong version of TypeScript in multi-project efforts.

Further to this, the ‘Only Analyse Projects Which Contain Files Opened in the Editor’ checkbox has been added to the JavaScript/TypeScript Text Editor Project Options page to further improve reliability and performance in large projects.

Further to the updates of 15.5, a preview of version 15.6 has been released recently, building on the foundations of its predecessor. Labelled as a minor update, it includes new features, productivity improvements and other enhancements that have come as a result of customer feedback. A full list of the further updates can be found here.

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