In a Market Devoid of Quality IT Candidates, Here’s Why Working with Eolas Recruitment is Right for your Business

Posted: 20 Oct 2017

In a Market Devoid of Quality IT Candidates, Here’s Why Working with Eolas Recruitment is Right for your Business

At a time when the IT industry is booming, searching for the right candidate to fill a job role can seem like a mammoth task.

Here at Eolas Recruitment, our team benefits from 80 years’ combined experience, making us one of the leading IT recruitment firms in Ireland. Each year for clients, we place in the region of 400 candidates between daily rate contract and permanent placements. This is down to the help of each member of our consultancy team, all of which have an extensive knowledge of the requirements that businesses within the IT sector have.

When looking to employ an individual, it can be tempting to hire in-house; however, there are a number of limitations that you may find when choosing to employ an individual in this way. Due to our vast experience in the industry, the team here at Eolas Recruitment have written a list of the top three reasons people may choose to use an agency.

1) Time Constraints

Sometimes, you may find yourself, as an employer, needing to fill a position within your company in as little time as possible. However, when advertising, you may be inundated with a number of applicants who don’t fit the desired skillset that you are looking for. As a result of this, you may find your company tackling the time-consuming task of scanning through countless applications that don’t fit the job specification.

One of the benefits of using an agency is that they will be able to save you time by selecting only the best candidates to be interviewed. Each day, we receive over 120 new CV’s that we carefully analyse before one of our experienced consultants will screen them. By undertaking this process first, we can understand the individual and whether they would be the appropriate choice to put forward to you as someone looking to hire.

It is through these stages that Eolas Recruitment begins to select the right candidate for your job role. Without a recruitment agency, these are all steps that you would have to undertake yourself. So, why waste time when you could’ve already filled the position with the ideal candidate?

2) Industry Knowledge

We are Ireland’s leading specialist IT recruitment agency, and many of our team of expert consultants have been working for the company for over 15 years. With this in mind, as a company interested in using a recruitment agency, you can be assured that each of our consultants has a comprehensive knowledge of the IT industry.

Choosing a recruitment agency that is aware of the specification of the role that you want to fill can be hugely beneficial when it comes to selecting potential applicants. Knowing what is expected from the job, our recruitment consultants can select individuals based on work experience and the skillsets that were highlighted during the audit of their CV when they first signed up.

3) Cost

One of the main reasons that companies choose not to use recruitment agencies is due to the cost. However, businesses have often found that sourcing an in-house recruitment team or using a direct hiring model is actually less cost-effective than they thought, especially when only looking to hire occasionally.

As a specialist recruitment agency, we work with your company from the get-go, looking to provide you with the perfect candidate for your job. With no up-front fees, our team of consultants will work tirelessly to ensure that we find you the right option for the position that needs to be filled. It is only once we have placed someone for you that any fees would become payable.

This can be very cost saving, as it removes the need for expensive adverts on job websites and also reduces the amount of time that your current model of hiring would have spent looking to source your newest employee!

If you’re interested in using a recruitment agency to fill a position that you’re advertising, then why not get in touch with Eolas Recruitment? We’d love to help solve any staffing issues that you may have, so either reach out to us on our contact us page here or call us on 01 286 6666.

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