Why a Project Manager is Vital in Boosting Your Business

Posted: 26 Sep 2017

Why a Project Manager is Vital in Boosting Your Business

Overseeing the development and installation of computer hardware and software systems is one of the main functions of having a Project Manager working within your IT company.

With a host of other responsibilities that will ensure that your company runs as smoothly as possible, their role within the business could benefit your company more than you may have first considered.

In a project management study conducted by Wellingtone in 2016, almost 40% of business experts admit that running too many projects simultaneously is their greatest challenge. By overloading their teams with too many different tasks at once, it is clear to see why some problems could arise with this. In a multi-project environment, there are often thousands of tasks that are needed to be distributed across the team. In relation to this, the Project Manager of the company needs to have the ability to delegate with a clear and unbiased mind, making sure that each person involved has a fair number of jobs that they can complete to the best of the ability. This can be done if the Project Manager distributes the workload sensitively, looking at the strengths of teams and individuals to make sure that they are given a task that they have suitable knowledge on.

In addition to this, if the Project Manager has provided the team with too much work, the ability to complete existing projects and the stress of trying to meet deadlines can be overwhelming for employees. A good Project Manager should be able to calculate the time and effort of each task that has been delegated to a staff member and work this into a schedule to provide some structure to the working day.

Looking for resources that can keep everyone up-to-date should be one of the main roles of a Project Manager, and could raise your company to a new level of project maturity. As the role of the Project Manager means that they are responsible for the entire running process of a project, it is in their best interest to ensure that each employee is happy with what they have been given. This contributes to the cohesive and smooth running of the team involved.

So, what makes a Project Manager such a vital role in your business? Having someone to keep your team on task and accountable for their workload means that there should be fewer errors or delays, whether it be in the production of software or the development of hardware. Critical for the success of any project, a Project Manager should ensure that your endeavour garners the best results possible.

If you have experience as a Project Manager and are potentially looking for a new role as a Project Manager in Ireland, why not take a look at the range of positions that are available on our website? Or, if project managing isn’t for you, our blog articles on Business Analysts and Business Intelligent departments should be able to inform you about some other areas of your company that you should consider investing in.

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