New Year, New Career? Tracking down the best opportunities in Ireland’s IT sector

Posted: 3 Jan 2019

New Year, New Career? Tracking down the best opportunities in Ireland’s IT sector

Dublin lags behind other European Capitals when it comes to salaries and relocation packages for senior IT developers, according to Eolas Recruitment Managing Director Vincent Flynn who says employers need to be more realistic when seeking to attract top talent in 2019.

“Those who are willing to meet salary expectations, offer relocation packages, and provide non-financial benefits such as training, mentoring, flexible working, health screening and wellness programmes, will be best placed to win the war for talent,” Flynn said.

For candidates seeking new opportunities, the good news is, IT skills are in strong demand across all sectors of the economy at present and employers are beginning to realise they need to offer innovative and flexible benefits to attract and retain top talent.

Traditionally, companies delay hiring during November and December. By January, decision makers know their hiring budget for the coming year and are getting ready to move ahead and fill vacant roles.

“January is a time when many individuals plan their next career move. IT professionals have had their end of year performance review, received their annual bonus and enjoyed the festive season. Now, as the New Year gets underway, many will be ready to explore new opportunities,” said Flynn, who offered the following advice for IT executives planning a career move in the coming months.

How to find the best IT roles

If it is a while since you last changed job, you will need to update your CV. Focus on keeping it brief, relevant and readable.

Think about what you have learned in your current and previous roles, the new skills you have acquired, the skills that you would like to develop, and how you would like your career to progress.

Next, think about the sectors and types of role that most interest you. Reach out to our Specialist Recruiters who will carefully analyse your CV and skills and help you find suitable roles in the companies and/or sectors that interest you.

Currently there are excellent opportunities in sectors such as financial services, insurance, manufacturing, professional services and ICT.

Once you have identified suitable opportunities and prepared your application, the next step is to secure an interview. Many interviews today are competency based so you need to think about how to demonstrate evidence of your achievements and skills. A prospective employer may ask for examples of how you overcame certain types of challenges at work and/or handled difficult situations. They are also likely to want to get a sense of your expertise, your approach to work and how you get on with other people.

Finally, think about salary and non-financial benefits such as working from home, flexible working, health screening and wellness programmes. While you may not be able to secure everything on your wish list, it is a good idea to know what you want.

Notes to Editors

About Eolas Recruitment

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Reference: Vincent Flynn, Managing Director

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