Are Millennials Set to Fill the Cyber Security Skills Gap?

Posted: 30 Jun 2017

Are Millennials Set to Fill the Cyber Security Skills Gap?

Recent cyber-attacks such as WannaCry have left many companies and individuals fearing about the future of their cyber security.

The rise in computer-related crimes has caused more firms to review their security sector and has highlighted a significant skills gap in cyber security, but could the new wave of savvy Millennials be set to fill this void?

Who are the Millennials?

‘Millennials’ is the name given to those who were roughly born between 1980 and 2000, and are now the largest living generation. As they mature into working professionals, they typically take over the helm from their parents across all sectors.

However, with a shortage of 1.8m workers within cyber security predicted by 2022, Millennials taking on these jobs will be critically important, and may well reshape the industry.

What has caused the gap?

Stephen Cobb, a senior security researcher at ESET, has said he believes the skills gap is a result of an increase in cybercrime, coupled with a lack of historical enthusiasm of previous generations to secure and maintain pre-existing systems.

Cobb recently wrote: “A lot of experienced security professionals are reaching retirement age, while many of today’s students find the potential rewards of building tomorrow’s technology more appealing than the task of securing yesterday’s.”

But with high-profile security attacks occurring more often, cyber security couldn’t be higher on the agenda, meaning there has to be an increased emphasis on finding the best way to stem these attacks.


According to a recent study from the Center for Cyber Safety and Education (CCE), Millennials are positive and open-minded about change when it comes to their work. 58% of Millennials were optimistic about their companies’ performance metrics a year after a breach (compared to 48% of boomers). The study also found that they were more likely to voluntarily change jobs, not due to low job satisfaction, but to find better professional perks.

Millennials were also found to be keen on mentorship from experienced employees, training programmes and flexible working arrangements, which would be likely to encourage them to take up roles in the sector.

How the future of the cyber security will be shaped is yet to be seen, but the previously mentioned study did find that 37% of young adults are now more likely to consider a career in cyber security than they were a year before. So, while it may be slightly concerning that there is a gap in cyber security talent, interest and enthusiasm in the sector is certainly brewing.

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