The Importance of Quality Assurance in the Tech Industry

Posted: 12 Jan 2018

The Importance of Quality Assurance in the Tech Industry

Ensuring that your organisation releases a product that works flawlessly, without any errors or deficiencies, is a vital part of software development.

Missing one minor issue can impact how well your final product performs and has the potential to be detrimental to its overall success.

Creating software is a rigorous process that involves many different groups of individuals working in collaboration with one another. After the initial consultation where the requirements are defined, the development process takes the software through a series of steps; following the specification meeting, the design process starts alongside the implementation steps where the software is programmed and created. Once the software has been created, it is checked by Quality Assurance Officers who will undertake a series of activities to ensure that there are no issues with the product.

It is imperative that Quality Assurance teams implement a test automating software to ensure the smooth running of the project that your organisation has developed. This is now a crucial part of all successful software projects; although it is expensive, it can increase customer confidence and maintains the company’s credibility.

Over the past couple of years, Quality Assurance teams have become an increasingly important part of the development process and are now used by more organisations that are developing software. Not only are Quality Assurance teams responsible for locating any issues within the coding and development of the software, but it is also their job to ensure that the final product fits each of the points outlined in the specification. By resolving any issues before the product is released, the Quality Assurance team should also build a relationship with the customers, making them seem reliable when it comes to fixing problems and maintaining the software.

In order to have the perfect Quality Assurance team, it is essential to have people with different strengths who can use their talents to target different steps in the testing process. With varying difficulty levels, the range of tasks will require perfection and problem-solving capabilities, as well as the need for some individuals to complete repetitive tasks. The tasks should be distributed fairly, and responsibilities should be assigned based on who will be the most efficient.

Having thorough and in-depth up-to-date knowledge regarding programming languages and techniques should be seen as one of the most important skills for someone working in this role. Despite this, their software-related knowledge alone is not enough. They must also have technical, analytical and communication skills.

Quality Assurance teams are often confused with software testers. The main difference is that software testers run tests on the software at different parts of the development process, identifying issues early on. However, those working within Quality Assurance oversee the entire process, including the software testing that takes part.

Here at Eolas Recruitment, we have a host of other information available on the role of a Quality Assurance team, from the type of QA team structures in software development to details of QA jobs in Ireland. If you’re looking for a career change, get in touch with our expert team of consultants today who are on hand to offer you advice and guidance on what would be the next best steps for you to take.

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