How are Eolas Recruitment Utilising Social Media?

Posted: 31 Oct 2017

How are Eolas Recruitment Utilising Social Media?

Over the past 15 years, social media has transformed the way in which people interact with both each other and businesses alike.

While a basic online presence once sufficed for the one-way dissemination of information for recruiters, this approach seems almost historical thanks to innovative platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook who are driving new forms of social interaction, collaboration and exchange in Ireland, and beyond.

It is of paramount importance that IT recruitment companies in Ireland are utilising these platforms to create the ultimate user-friendly experiences for both companies and those seeking employment. Eolas Recruitment uses social media to create connections, and establish ourselves as a trustworthy platform for which our network can rely on for all the latest news and updates in the field.

There is a myriad of social networks available for recruiters to utilise, but statistical data for Ireland suggests two clear frontrunners; Facebook and LinkedIn.

A survey from IPSOS MRBI in October 2016 found that 67% of the Irish population have a Facebook account, with the platform achieving an improvement of 3% from the previous quarter. Similarly, Octave Digital found that 74% of Irish Facebook users log in daily and spend an average time of 50 minutes on the platform – outperforming the other networks significantly. Octave Digital also found that LinkedIn is the second most progressive platform in Ireland, with 29% of the Irish population owning an account. Of those that own an account, 18% of people use LinkedIn daily, proving that they are engaging with followers and potential recruiters on a regular basis.

The nature of our business here at Eolas Recruitment means that LinkedIn is a key tool for us to network with those in relevant industries who would benefit from our services. We use our LinkedIn account on a regular basis, allowing followers to engage with all the latest news and updates from the field of IT and recruitment. It is our unrivalled knowledge of the marketplace that allows us to perform so well via this platform, along with our understanding of the needs of both clients and candidates.

That said, Eolas Recruitment acknowledges the importance of online visibility across a range of social media platforms, and we have accounts on each of the most widely-used networks. We find this helps us to reach potential candidates from all over Ireland and beyond, who can interact with us however they find most convenient. This established presence in the online sphere has allowed Eolas Recruitment to develop as a brand, setting us aside from competition and highlighting the fact that we are one of the few genuine specialist IT recruitment agencies in Ireland. Social media has allowed us to create a cohesive identity online that both clients and potential job seekers can recognise, trust and thus make the most of our services.

One other way we have been able to stand out from the crowd is by creating unique content and sharing it across our networks. This consistency has allowed us to be seen as a reliable source of information, updating those who have connected with us and providing the best of up-to-date technology news that impacts those within the Irish tech community. We have found content marketing to be one of the best ways to increase our reach, making it easier to source both candidates and clients, while cementing Eolas Recruitment as a leading IT recruitment company in Ireland.

A recent survey conducted by Amárach suggests that approximately 8 out of 10 online adults in Ireland use social media. This means that IT recruiters can use social media networks to target newly-qualified, aspiring men and women who are the future of technology-based businesses, as well as more experienced individuals that are perfect for senior roles. In that sense, social media has allowed recruitment agencies to access a variety of audiences like never before, and use key platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to do so.

Here at Eolas Recruitment, we’re proud of the brand we have established and the services that we offer. We have a wealth of jobs advertised through our social media accounts, and our expert team of consultants strive to match you to one of the many jobs we currently have posted on our website, which you can take a look at here. We have profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, so you can follow us for all the latest information and news in whichever way suits you best.

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