What to Expect from your C# Developer Interview

Posted: 22 Jan 2018

What to Expect from your C# Developer Interview

C# is one of the most widely-used coding languages in the world. Developers use the flexible programming language to create interactive websites, develop mobile apps and to form desktop applications.

Unlike other programming languages, it’s popularity hasn’t seen a decrease over the past couple of years either, despite the emergence of other methods of coding.

A hybrid of C and C++, the generalised language is a firm favourite amongst those coding for Windows, although the creation of applications for a variety of mobile devices has also been made popular due to cross-platform tools, increasing its potential. It is because of this that entering the world of C# Developing has become increasingly desirable.

During the job application process, there are a number of steps which are of paramount importance and can impact the end result. However, the most crucial step is the interview. Having the ability to succinctly and efficiently answer any questions, whether about your technical expertise or personal skills, is essential. Dependent on the company, the range of questions that you may be asked will be varied. However, it is important to expect to be asked about a selection of different topics. One of the best ways to make sure that you are prepared for interviewing is by practising as much as possible. This will allow you to develop a strategy to effectively answer questions, as well as familiarise yourself with the interview environment.

Naturally, as someone who is interviewing for a C# developer role, a background in and a thorough understanding of coding is vital. While C# is the primary language that they are looking for, there is the potential that your interviewers will be looking for you to have experience in a range of additional languages, such as HTML. This will show your coding competency and allow potential employers to see how adaptable you are. This may not apply to all roles, but if you have experience with additional languages, being able to inform them is useful.

The range of questions that you will be asked to show your coding ability will vary. However, it is likely that they will present you with an algorithm that needs solving, such as optimising a routine. This is an incredibly important step, as employers will be looking for a developer who can efficiently problem-solve. They will need to see you identify the issue before weighing the potential outcomes. Following this, you will implement the solution and evaluate how well this works.

Your technical capabilities will also be questioned, and it is likely that they will quiz you on buzzwords and problems commonly presented in software design. Preparing answers to questions that could arise in this section will allow you to keep your answer concise while maintaining any necessary information.

Before your interview, you will have sent your CV to the company that you are applying to. One of the most critical steps in preparing for your interview is knowing what you have mentioned. Employers will look at what you have written and ask you about it, so you will need to be able to clearly explain each of the sections, from work experience to your education.

Additionally, it is important that you can draw from the information that you have mentioned on your CV to answer situation-specific or character-defining questions. These will be able to inform your interviewers about the sort of person that you are outside of work and how you handle work-based issues. Being able to describe how you solve problems and communicate with others is a vital skill that a C# Developer must have, so being prepared to answer questions of this nature will come in helpful.

Lastly, your interviewer may ask you about your goals and motivation, including your reasons for applying for the role. This is your opportunity to show what makes you passionate about C# Developing, so your answer to this should be personal. You have already confirmed your technical abilities and knowledge on the language, so your potential employers need to know what drives you.

If you’re interested in applying for C# Developer jobs in Ireland, then why don’t you reach out to our team of expert consultants, who are on-hand to help you secure your dream tech job? Contact us for more information.

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