How to Climb the IT Career Ladder

Posted: 1 Aug 2017

How to Climb the IT Career Ladder

Regardless of your education and current position within the IT industry, career progression is attainable.

For many, staying in the same job role for years can become somewhat stagnant and boring – so, why not take these essential steps to elevate your role to an exciting high-level position?

Don’t Always Think of the Here and Now

Many IT professionals within a role will focus primarily on the day-to-day responsibilities of their work that will conclude with an instant result. While this is important, it is also vital to not overlook developing lasting impressions within your business, and industry for that matter. This may be through networking with other departments in the organisation or with other IT professionals in the industry. Alternatively, you could consider completing additional self-run projects that get you noticed. Standing out from the crowd will ensure you are considered for promotions or make you desirable to potential employees.

Look for Opportunities

Always be on the look-out for job roles that take on more responsibilities than your current position, whether this is within the organisation you work for or working with a recruitment agency to find positions suitable for you. Making sure you are always aware of the employment opportunities in your area will ensure that you are not missing out on the chance to further your career.

Communicate Well and Consistently

IT has its own unique language which can be difficult for those who are not familiar with it to understand; additionally, because the work within different IT departments can vary dramatically, it may be that other IT professionals will not understand your work. Always talk with your audience in mind, those who can explain complicated systems and processes to clients and other departments confidently and clearly are invaluable to the organisation and can be a great skill to highlight during interviews for management roles.

Consider and develop a clear message of how you individually improve the organisation you currently work for. It is crucial that you are able to communicate how your position and efforts positively contribute to the business. This will bode well if you look to apply for a higher-level position within the business itself, or even in alternative job interviews.

Become the Master of Other Domains

Many IT executives who interview potential employees for higher-level positions will look for individuals that demonstrate experience and knowledge in more than one IT expertise. A balanced portfolio, even if it is self-directed work, will demonstrate your capabilities for IT team leader jobs.

Learn from the Best

Not one high-level IT professional has got to where they are without guidance from a mentor. Seek out the team leaders, managers or even the CEO of the business to ask for help and advice on how to develop your IT career. Their experience and expertise are an invaluable resource in your career progression.

Follow these steps and your career in IT is bound to go from strength to strength. If you want more advice concerning careers in IT, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team of recruiters today!

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