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Demand outweighs the Supply of IT Professionals in Ireland

Posted: 22 Mar 2017

Demand outweighs the Supply of IT Professionals in Ireland

The current IT Recruitment Sector is becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of IT Professionals available in Ireland.

Demand Outweighs the Supply – IT Recruitment Sector

We are in a market whereby every good IT candidate is in demand and candidates have a pick of many roles/ companies they can apply for/ work for. Ultimately it means that IT employers need to change the way they do their IT Recruitment. The days of sitting and waiting to fill your IT roles are gone. Employers who move quickly and offer the more attractive salaries and benefit packages are ultimately winning out. Every IT employer wants the best IT people working in their organisation but all employers must start accepting the fact, that finding someone with 75% of the skills is better than finding no-one at all.  Clients need to be flexible in terms of work visa’s, salaries, working from home arrangements and most importantly looking at IT Contract staff. The days of finding the exact replacement for someone who has left with the same skills and salaries are impossible. It’s what we call a Candidate driven market.

Many of the problems leading to the lack of  IT professionals are outside of our control (High rates of tax , High Rental prices, New Companies setting up and the length it takes in processing work permits). The days of talent acquisition teams and sending inmails via LinkedIn to find your staff are diminishing. Agencies and Clients need to find new ways of attracting the IT professionals they need.

Our agency is around since 1999 and we have seen this type of market trend many times over the past 17 years so we are not suffering like many of our competitors, however the sector has become increasingly difficult and it’s all about looking after your candidates and having a professional attitude to Recruitment. We have always prided ourselves as being the Premier IT Recruitment Company in Ireland and this is why we can still attract the best people even in very challenging times.

If you are an employer in need of help in filling your IT Roles and this blog relates to you, please contact us so we can help you with your needs. Our agency has a combined knowledge base of 50 years plus IT Recruitment experience in Ireland with some of the most qualified IT Recruiters in Ireland. In a market like this experience counts for everything.

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