Should Business Analysts Progress to Project Managers?

Posted: 11 Dec 2017

Should Business Analysts Progress to Project Managers?

After forging a successful career as a Business Analyst, you may feel it is now the right time to advance further in the field.

As a Business Analyst, it is likely that you have thrived at managing and analysing an organisation, understanding the needs of the company and identifying the change that needs to happen for improvement. However, there comes a time when you may be looking for a new challenge or a change in environment.

When looking ahead to the future, natural progression seems to dictate that the next step for a Business Analyst is to become a Project Manager. While many may cite that this is their long-term career goal, this is not the only direction in which your career can go. In fact, there’s a host of other prospects that are perfect for those working in this sector. In the following feature, we take a look at the roles Business Analysts can progress into:

Project Manager

It has been suggested that over the past couple of years the line between Business Analyst and Project Manager has begun to blur. In some instances, the responsibilities of both positions are combining to create a hybrid role; therefore, you may find that you already possess many of the skills required to become successful in this field. This is excellent news for those of you who wish to transition to a Project Manager, as the leap between the two roles shouldn’t be complicated.

When hiring a Project Manager, the employer will be looking for someone who can utilise their skills to identify risks, create schedules and monitor the progression of a project. As a Business Analyst, you would have spent your career dissecting projects, looking for small errors and aiming to eliminate issues. However, to successfully act as a Project Manager, you’ll have to begin to see the bigger picture, using the communicative skills that you’ve developed as a Business Analyst to coordinate groups. It is also essential that you enjoy working with others and feel comfortable working in a management capacity to prosper in this environment. With other transferable skills, such as organisation and flexibility, it is no wonder that many recommend the Project Manager role as the best role for Business Analysts looking to progress.

Business Change Management

When working in Business Change Management, it is vital that you understand how to implement strategies that will allow the business to run smoothly. Following guidelines, those within change management will have to ensure targets are met. In addition to this, they structure the organisation, looking at the information and processes of the business to identify areas for improvement.

In your Business Analyst role, you would have gained experience analysing business strategies and liaising with the appropriate teams. These invaluable skills are vital for those hoping to apply for managerial roles as you will be able to demonstrate how you have contributed to the smooth operation of an organisation.

Program Manager

As a Program Manager, you will have to oversee the progression and development of the program to ensure that the goals are met. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the Program Manager to identify any areas which could present as risks or issues, offering solutions along the way by utilising their expertise and knowledge in the associated area.

As a Business Analyst, making the switch to a Program Manager is a step that candidates with technical backgrounds should consider. Using their experience of analysing the components of an organisation and offering insights, current Business Analysts can easily transfer their skills to the co-ordination of a project.

Here at Eolas Recruitment, our team of Specialist Recruiters will strive to find you your dream job, whether that’s from the selection of Project Manager jobs  or Business Analyst jobs we have available or in one of the other viable roles to progress your career. These are just a handful of other options for you to consider, so if you’re thinking of changing careers and are looking for more advice, get in touch with us today.

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