Business Analyst: Planning a Change in Career with Little Experience

Posted: 24 Oct 2017

Business Analyst: Planning a Change in Career with Little Experience

Looking for a change of career within the IT industry can be daunting, especially when most areas need years of experience in order for you to get your foot through the door.

With the role of a Business Analyst, it is possible to land yourself your dream job with little to no experience. Here are a couple of steps that you can start implementing to ensure that you are prepared for a change in career path.

1) Understanding the role of a Business Analyst

Before becoming a Business Analyst, it is essential to understand what the position entails. One of the primary responsibilities involves understanding the needs of the business to allow the smooth running of the development of their software or program. For more information on what you can expect while working in that position, check out our blog post here on how it is a pivotal position if a business is hoping to expand. Having a comprehensive knowledge of why the company needs a Business Analyst can improve your understanding of why your role is necessary.

2) Look at what transferable skills you have from other jobs

As the position varies from company-to-company and is not restricted to one particular field, it is difficult to gain experience in this area. Therefore, any skills that you have picked up from previous jobs, especially soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem solving are easily transferable. These skills are vital, as you will be interacting with different departments within the business, so proving that you have a high level of self-motivation and good leadership skills are qualities that future employers will look out for.

3) Network with Business Analysts

If you’re just starting out, you might not know anybody who currently works as a Business Analyst; and that’s okay! Joining forums, message boards and communities will allow you to talk to IT professionals who might know the answers to any questions that you may have. In addition to this, you may find some useful tips and resources which could prove to be invaluable later on!

However, if you already work in a company which has a Business Analyst, you’re fortunate enough to have someone who could provide you with vital information and insights into the career that you are hoping to enter. Asking this person about their career can offer you advice, and can alert you to areas that you may have to research to allow yourself to have a better grasp of the role.

4) Research

This might seem like the obvious step when looking for a change in career, but searching for information online about the role of a Business Analyst can provide you with online training, webinars and tools. Although these might not help you straight away, knowing that there is information online which could further your future job applications could prove to be hugely beneficial.

In addition to finding information, researching the role will alert you to the different types of Business Analyst that are out there. Finding out how each role varies will allow you to look at your skill set and decide which Business Analyst jobs you would be best suited for.

5) Update your CV

Here at Eolas Recruitment, we recently wrote a blog post on how to write the best CV for IT jobs which is beneficial when writing the perfect CV for a Business Analyst role. Looking at a guide on what you should include will provide you with a good grasp on what you should include and will help you avoid using up valuable space with unnecessary information.

When applying for a role with minimal experience, it is important to emphasize and draw attention to areas that you excel in, especially if what you learnt through that position can be transferred to your potential new role. You should use your CV to highlight the most relevant experience you do have and should back up why you think it is significant in a short synopsis under each position mentioned.

Here at Eolas Recruitment, we have a range of Business Analyst jobs in Ireland on our website that are perfect for people with varying levels of experience in the field. Thanks to our team of expert recruitment consultants, your background and level of expertise will be taken into consideration when helping you apply for roles, so you will never feel out of your depth! For more information, get in touch!

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