Almost Half of Irish Employees Feel They Are Overqualified for Their Job

Posted: 8 Dec 2017

Almost Half of Irish Employees Feel They Are Overqualified for Their Job

A recent report from the ESRI (Economic and Social Research Institute) has examined the difference between the skills possessed by employees compared to those that are required for the responsibilities of the role.

The report has also explored how Ireland will source industry professionals, including Ireland’s ability to attract highly-skilled workers.

According to the report, just under half (46%) of full-time employees in Ireland believe that their skills are greater than those required for them to do their job. When compared to the other 27 EU countries, Ireland has the fourth highest rate of skill under-utilisation.

The report also found that Ireland is attracting high-skilled migrant workers, with the number of international, full-time workers with third-level education at around 57%; the third highest in the EU.


Research carried out by the ESRI between 2000 and 2011 found that Irish workers are, in fact, the most overqualified in the EU. The findings indicate that roughly a third of employees were at least one educational level above the international norm for the job they are in, which is almost double the rate recorded for countries such as France and Sweden.

The increase in over qualification has been fuelled partly by Ireland’s higher education participation in recent decades. The 2016 OECD ‘Education at a Glance’ report found that 52% of Irish citizens aged 25 to 34-years-old have a third level degree compared to the OECD international average of 42%.

Job Security

Alongside all of this data, a recent report from TerminalFour found that less than a third of higher education professionals who took part in the survey stated that they feel highly secure in their current role. Meanwhile, 37% of respondents said that they had high levels of insecurity in their job.

Analysing the data, it is clear to see that many of Ireland’s workers are overqualified for their jobs, and as a result, are becoming restless in their current role. It is, therefore, no surprise that individuals are losing interest in their current employment, which could potentially threaten their job security.

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