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Zope is a completely open and free application server platform that helps a community IT professionals, and enthusiasts alike, with information, philosophy and code. Since its start in 1995, the Zope community is one of the biggest open-source communities in the world.  

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The term Zope is abbreviated from “Z Object Publishing Environment”, and this impressive system is recognised as the first to use the object publishing methodology used for the web, projecting Python into the forefront of coding language. Zope continues to expand, providing its users with a host of applications, frameworks, tools and libraries that serve different purposes and follow varying principles.

However, Zope 2 is still recognised as the most popular of the frameworks due to its Plone content management system. There are other popular networks such as Grok and Pyramid which are valued for their minimalistic frameworks and programmer-friendly nature. It is beneficial for anyone within the IT field to be aware of Zope to keep their finger on the pulse of the coding world.

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