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WebSphere Message Broker (WMB), rebranded to IBM Integration Bus in
2013, is the integration broker for IBM that allows information from
businesses to flow across dissimilar applications under multiple hardware and software platforms.

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Those who work with WMB can apply rules to the data flow through the message broker to transform and route the information. This allows for a communication channel between all the applications and services used within a single business to create a service-orientated architecture.

The product was developed by the New Era of Networks company in 2001, and received several rebranding implementations through its development, including the MQSeries Integrator (MQSI) and WebSphere Business Integration Message Broker (WBIMB). The product and its updates are part of the WebSphere family.

This software gives IT professionals the ability to build connectors for a
variety of data sources that can include mobile devices, files, applications and databases, creating an integrated system that will not require extensive rewrites that will result in a costly and lengthy process.

IBM, therefore, avoids the point-to-point efforts that would be required to connect applications over multiple protocols, such as JMS and HTTP, allowing for a smoother transition of data.