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Windows is a group of OSs which has been manufactured by Microsoft and has changed the world of IT. Windows makes a computer system user- friendly by providing a graphical display and organising information so that it can be easily accessed.

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Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted17/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€45,000 - €50,000 LocationCo.Dublin TypePermanent
Posted13/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€60,000 - €70,000 LocationDublin North TypePermanent
Posted13/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€25,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted10/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€25,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted5/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€25,000 - €30,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted4/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€40,000 - €50,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted4/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€55,000 - €65,000 LocationCork TypePermanent
Posted29/09/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€25,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted25/09/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€65,000 - €70,000 LocationCo Cork TypePermanent
Posted25/09/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€400-450 LocationDublin TypeContract
Posted25/09/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€350 - €400 LocationSouth Dublin TypePermanent

Windows utilises icons and tools that simplify the
complex operations performed by computers. It is estimated that 90% of personal computers use the Windows operating system. Microsoft introduced the operating system in 1985, and it has continued to be widely used to this day. Since its initial released in 1985, there have been a number of new versions released, as well as continuing to release updated versions every few years.

It is essential that anyone working within the IT industry has a strong
understating of windows and how it operates.

Jobs that use Windows:

  • Technical Infrastructure Analyst
  • Windows Server Engineer
  • Network Support Analyst
  • Windows System Administrator