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Perhaps during your course in higher education, you were aware of and even
had to use, a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) as part of your learning. A
VLE, sometimes referred to as a Course Management Systems (CMS) or
Learning Management Systems (LMS), is an online system that allows data,
specifically learning materials, to be shared to students from their teachers.

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These systems will also track performance, include useful tools for research and creation, and can even be a way of providing assessment records.

The beauty of a VLE is that it can be accessed both on and off the main
campus, allowing for students to retrieve the necessary information and
support they need to complete tasks and assess their progression.

There are a diverse range of VLE’s, each one different from the next;
however, they all serve the same purpose. A higher education institution will more than likely have secured a license for a VLE system that will fall under the following categories: off-the- shelf, open source or bespoke. All, however, will follow international standards for the system.

IT professionals will often be required to create bespoke VLE’s, provide
support for institutions or could even use it themselves during their own