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Computers and Internet technology are continually revolutionising the way
we live our lives, and over the last decade they have even aided education in
a monumental way. Virtual learning, also referred to as “e-learning” or
“digital learning”, uses computer software, known as a Virtual Learning
Environment (VLE) to deliver instructions and information to students to
allow them to complete work for their courses remotely, therefore providing
an easy-to- use application that eliminates the restrictions of distance


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Virtual learning can be provided in several formats including computer-
based, internet-based and remote teacher content.

The computer-based format is where instructions are provided by a software that is installed into a local computer or service, and is usually provides customised material to suit the needs and requirements of individual students.

The internet-based software directs instructions to students through a web-based application that is stored on a remote server, and remote teacher online content is instructions given directly from the teacher themselves such as online forums and emails, and can even include real-time interactions such as live online videos and instant messaging.

IT professionals can expect to encounter virtual learning systems through creation, software support or even use the software for their own educational development.