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VBA is the abbreviation for Visual Basic for Applications. It is a programming language that is very similar to the Visual Basic; however, the main difference is that it is embedded into one singular Microsoft application.


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The VBA was first released by Microsoft in 1993 and can be used across their entire Office applications.

VBA software allows users to create mini or small programs that perform tasks within a Microsoft application. This can be particularly useful for tasks that can be automated, allowing for resources to be used elsewhere, through user-defined functions (UDFs). It allows the abilities of application-specific programming to expand to become more efficient for its users. Also, by giving control of the application, VBA allows users to manipulate the UI features to create a more custom application to meet their needs.

Although some IT professionals will be aware of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), it is likely that it will not be used in many organisations because the software is no longer supported or upgraded by the Microsoft company. The latest version is the Visual Basic for Applications 7 which was released in 2010.