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The Visual Basic software is a programming environment, referred to as Microsoft-integrated Development Environment (IDE), that allows Developers to select and adapt the code.


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VB6 is the shorthand for the software Visual Basic 6.0 which was released by Microsoft in 1998. It was a further upgrade from the original Visual Basic that was released in 1991.

VB6 consists of an object-oriented programming language which has an appealing visual interface (GUI). Developers will use forms and paste in their desired controls into a very visual and easy-to-use format.

VB6 was later replaced by Visual Basic Net to operate within the .Net platform. However, not everyone welcomed the upgrade, with purists continuing to use VB6 despite Microsoft ending support in 2005.

IT professionals will be aware of VB6, but will more than likely use the latest upgrades in the Visual Basic software if utilised within their organisation. Visual Basic is no longer supported or upgraded by the Microsoft company.