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Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as Quick Test Professional, is an HP software that allows for more efficient automated testing. The program allows for developers and testers to work more in sync when testing the quality and workings of their projects, therefore allowing for quality work to be produced at the necessary pace for the business.

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UFT works by recording and storing the actions of the user (known as scripts) and replays them on demand during a testing stage. The tool will then assess the success or failure of the steps through a comparison between the real-time results and tests, formally known as ‘checkpoints’.

The program is particularly beneficial for those in software development and quality assurance because it allows for the automation of tests which helps to speed up the process in a cost-effective manner. Therefore, IT professionals in these areas, as well as Project Managers, will be aware of the tool and may even utilise it within their works. If you are looking to apply for a role within any of these sectors, it would be beneficial to have an understanding of the program and how it operates.

Professionals can obtain an internationally-accepted UFT certification from the HPE program portal. The certification ensures that IT professionals have a thorough knowledge of the HP’s testing automation software.

Jobs that use UFT include: