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A basic definition of TypeScript is a typed body of text. However, within the IT industry the word TypeScript holds a much more substantial meaning.
TypeScript refers to the free and open-source programming language that
was created, and is managed, by IT giant Microsoft. TypeScript over the
years has been developed by lead architect of C# language, Anders


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Made up of a strict syntactical superset of JavaScript, TypeScript can include a static typing to the programming language. TypeScript is used alongside JavaScript applications on both client-side and server-side executions, designed to develop large applications to JavaScript.

This programming language supports definition files that include information in type format on JavaScript libraries like that of C/C++ header files that explains the structure of present object files. The TypeScript will then allow other programs to use the value within these files as if they are statically-typed TypeScript formats.

Many IT professionals will be aware and able to use this language within their work.