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Temenos T24 is a market-leading banking solution developed by the
Temenos Group. The fully integrated operating system allows financial
corporations to grow their business services in an efficient and seamless

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With a public and client-facing application, financial services can
demonstrate the breadth of their services, as well as seamlessly adding and customising their unique product sets into the system without the need to return to Software Developers.

The operating system also allows financial companies to record data so that they can adapt and customise their services in line with the needs and demands of their clients.

The Temenos Group is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is consider a
market-leader in software development specifically for financial services,
allowing them to keep current in an evolving marketplace. Around 2,000
international firms, and counting, use the software developed by the company. IT professionals working within the financial sector will be aware of, would have worked with or may even want to consider this system.