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Tableau Software is a company, founded in 2003, that produce data analytics and visualisation products for business intelligence purposes. The programs utilise the wealth of information organisations have access to via a range of databases and allows for the analysis of data to derive meaningful business insights.

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Posted21/06/2019 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent

Additionally, the programs allow users the ability to create a range of visual graphs from complex or huge data sets that are ideal for meetings and reports.

Tableau utilises a range of functions that makes the software particularly useful for a number of specialist industries, including mapping that can allow users to plot coordinates via custom geocoding, as well as consumer data visualisation functions that help businesses map consumer behaviours. The Tableau software allows organisations to create actions upon quantitative and qualitative data that can help the progression of projects or the business as a whole.

Data Analysts benefit from employing Tableau products within their job roles, and moderate-to-thorough understanding of the programs and their functions can be attractive to potential employees, particularly if the organisation you want to apply for uses it within their processes. Candidates who utilise skills with Tableau must have experience in statistical analysis, as well as be able to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts applicable to the industry and how this links to the conclusions of the data analysis.

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