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Scrum is a framework for managing software development designed for teams of around ten individuals and usually relies on two-week development cycles called “sprints”, as well as short daily meetings. Scrum can be scaled to larger organisations and are known as Large-Scale Scrum and Scrum of Scrums.

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Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted17/11/2017 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted13/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€70,000 - €80,000 LocationLimerick TypePermanent
Posted10/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€75,000 - €85,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted10/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€40,000 - €50,000 LocationDublin North TypePermanent
Posted10/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€60,000 - €70,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted8/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€55,000 - €65,000 LocationDublin South TypePermanent
Posted3/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€47,000 - €58,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted2/11/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€80,000 - €90,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted31/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€45,000 - €55,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted23/10/2017 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted23/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€85,000 - €90,000 LocationDublin South / Wicklow TypePermanent
Posted20/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€40,000 - €50,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted20/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€70,000 - €80,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted19/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€60,000 - €70,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted19/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€425 - €475 LocationDublin City Centre TypeContract
Posted19/10/2017 Salary / Daily Rate€70,000-€80,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent

Scrum is a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a team work as a unit to reach a common goal. This approach challenges assumptions of the traditional, sequential approach to product development, enabling teams to self-organise. This is done by encouraging physical co-location or close online collaboration of all team members, as well as daily face-to-face communication among all parties involved.

Scrum is utilised within a number of IT jobs including those within: