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SAP Basis is a collection of middleware programs from the SAP company, and it delivers services such as data exchanging, web requests, memory
management and database communications.

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The SAP Basis supports several
renowned operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and OS; in addition to supporting many databases like Microsoft SQL and Oracle.

SAP is a German company whose products are used to manage large enterprises. SAP tools are essentially the core base that allows applications to connect and exchange information across operating systems and databases.

The SAP Basis has many tools under its client/server architecture that allows its users to access things like the system monitoring and administrations tools, the CCMS (Computing Centre Management System) and database monitoring through its GUI (Graphical User Interface).

For those who work in IT certifications in Basis can be obtained if beneficial for their career, it may not be a requirement for some consultancy roles but can be essential for higher level positions.