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RPG stands for the widely known language in the IT industry, Report
Program Generator, and is not to be confused with Role-Play Gaming of the
same abbreviation.

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It is an advanced programming language whose origins can be stemmed back to the report-building program that was used in IBM’s minicomputer operating systems in the 1960s; the language was then adapted into a HLL (High-Level Language) like IBM’s Common Business-Oriented Language (COBOL) and Programming Language I (PL/I).

RPG is supported by IBM’s market-leading minicomputer system, with the latest version, RPG IV, still widely used on the AS/400 systems; it is one of the most used programming languages to be used in commercial applications on mid-range computers.

RPG is a popular programming language on the IBM operating system, and its main purpose for IT professionals, and businesses alike, is to generate reports from data, which is particularly valuable for those in analytical roles.

Many IT professionals will be aware of this programming and its purposes.