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Problem logging, sometimes referred to as error logging, is when a record is
made of critical errors within an operating system, application or server
whilst it is in operation, and will differ depending on the company that
created it and the end-user who will be using it.

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This can be created automatically by the computing system in most cases. However, the IT support departments within businesses will have their own type of error log to report any issues brought to them directly from customers or clients.

Problem logs are particularly useful tools that allow for troubleshooting,
management and useful adaptions. With automated error logs certain
information will be captured about the error, including timestamp,
information on the system and the location of the user. Error logs will need administrative rights to access because these will act as a security measure to prevent unapproved users from accessing details.

Error logs can be particularly helpful for IT professionals within Cyber Security roles to identify hacking attempts onto the system or server which can assist them in resolving any vulnerable areas that need adapting.

Jobs that use error logs include:

  • IT Support