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PERL stands for Practical Extraction and Report Language, and it is a
compact-form and open source of scripting language. PERL is generally used
to extract text file information to create either a report or another output

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This is because PERL is an interpretive language, instead of a
compiled language such as C, and is therefore much easier to learn and
quicker to code. However, uncompiled programs will require more time to run, short PERL programs in comparison can actually help to save time and is therefore widely used in many areas of Web Application Development.

PERL programs are sophisticated and will require IT specialists to understand how it works to use it efficiently. PERL programs uses include developing common gateway interface (CGI) programs because of its facilities that allow for good text manipulation. It was first created in 1987 by programmer Larry Wall, and since its initial release has had a number of updates.

Many IT professionals will be aware of or will have experience of using PERL, and its function within IT roles will depend on the tasks assigned.