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MySQL is a relational database management system based on SQL –
Structured Query Language, used for a wide range of reasons including data warehousing, e-commerce and logging applications.


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Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted20/11/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€60,000 - €75,000 LocationSouth Dublin TypePermanent
Posted14/11/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€45,000 - €60,000 LocationDublin West TypePermanent
Posted13/11/2018 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted6/11/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€40,000 - €60,000 LocationDublin City Centre TypePermanent
Posted31/10/2018 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationSouth Dublin TypeContract
Posted30/10/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€30,000 - €35,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted23/10/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€65,000 - €75,000 LocationDublin South TypePermanent
Posted23/10/2018 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin West TypePermanent
Posted22/10/2018 Salary / Daily Rate€40,000 - €60,000 LocationDublin City Centre / Dublin West TypePermanent

The most common use for MySQL is as a web database. It can be used to store anything from a single record of information to an entire inventory of available products for an online store.

First initially released in 1995, SQL has become the most popular language for adding, accessing and managing content in a database. It is most renowned for its quick processing, proven reliability, ease and flexibility of use. MySQL is an essential part of almost every open source PHP application.

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