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Within a telecommunication network, the Message Broker refers to an
intermediary program that validates and deciphers messages from the
messaging protocol and then transforms it into a suitable language for the
receiver; it is commonly referred to in the industry as middleware. The
function of this mid-level program is to create communication between
applications and works by receiving inbound messages from applications, it
then performs actions on them.


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In Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication, the Message Broker
separates the communication between the devices which publishes
information and those that subscribe to it. This allows for a distinction
between information which therefore permits each element to only receive information relevant to its use and protects information if one section is attacked. The publishing device and subscription devices will therefore use the Message Broker to communicate and it is therefore vitally essential that it is configured properly.

The Message Broker is a multi-functional and complex system, directing
messages to one or a number of appropriate destinations, translating
messages and communicating with other repositories, either to enhance
messages or to save it. The Message Broker will record and reply to any
errors or events within an application. Elements such as workload queues will need the help of a message broker to assist with the completion of tasks; however these will can be managed by a number of receivers.

It is therefore essential that a majority of IT professionals are aware of or able to use the Message Broker within their work.