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MCSA is the abbreviation for Microsoft Certified Systems Associate. An MCSA is an individual who has the necessary qualifications in the Microsoft
Windows NT and 2000 operating systems, as well as the related desktop
systems and Microsoft’s BackOffice server products. Other titles for this
include MCSE, which stands for Microsoft Certified Solutions Engineer.


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Qualified MCSAs have completed numerous exams from a certified training company or alternatively, learnt the content through a self-study section on the Microsoft website; on completion of the module individuals will be classed as an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

The MCSA program is popular amongst training professionals. Other courses include Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) or Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT).

This qualification is beneficial for specialist roles that require the use of these skills, however it is not necessary to be accepted for a role in the IT industry.