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Lean is an extension of lean manufacturing and the lean service principles of the development and management of IT services and products.

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Lean is a software development idea which aims to streamline the production of applications and software products, and to make them more efficient. Lean’s primary goals are to eliminate waste and amplify learning.

Many of the goals are communicated in the form of precise efforts. Eliminating waste comes in many forms, from creating smarter development modules to finding new ways of writing code. Additionally, lean software development has merged with another idea called “agile software development,” which oversees the ways that Programmers and Designers work together, and provides helpful guidelines and frameworks for software development.

Lean is based on optimising flow, increasing efficiency, decreasing waste and using empirical methods to decide what matters, rather than uncritically accepting pre-existing ideas. However, lean principles are traditionally used by manufacturing companies to help improve the production process within an organisation.

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