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Juniper refers to an American company entitled Juniper Networks, the office is headquartered in California and its sole trade is in developing and marketing networking products. Such products include network management software, network security products, software networking technology, routers and switches.  

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Juniper Networks began its trade in 1996, founded from the venture
capitalists and telecommunication business, and was begun by IT
professional Pradeep Sindhu. In 1999 Juniper Networks took its trade
publicly and grew into a multi-million dollar business. Originally the company dealt with core routers used by the internet service providers (ISPs), these routers allowed for IP address lookups and direct internet traffic.

By 2002, the company began to trade in the market of edge routers, that allowed ISPs to route traffic to specific consumers. The following year, Juniper enters the IT security market with an application called the JProtect security toolkit. It now focuses on all these elements, in addition to creating a range of software.

IT professionals will more than likely be aware of Juniper Networks and its contributions to the industry.