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Instructional Design refers to the systematic process that is implemented to
progress a training or instruction program to a reliable and easy-to- use
format within Instructional Technology. Instructional Design may also be
referred to as the Instructional Systems Design.

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Instructional Technology refers to the body of theory within the field of
technology that can be applied to techniques and disciplines, and it is
considered to have considerable academic value.

The purpose of an instructional design model within study is to provide users with a detailed method, which if followed, will result in the transfer of skills or knowledge in a specific area.

What makes Instructional Design so valuable is that the entire process
includes deep analysis of the goals of the end-user to ensure the delivery
system meets the learning needs of the end-user.

All IT professionals will be aware of Instructional Design from their studies; whilst Technical Writers may develop these guides within their work.