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Hogan is a core banking software that allows banks all over the world to process information in real-time.

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It is an integrated suite of applications that enables users online, real-time access to an information base containing all of the businesses customer relationships data across the entirety of the company. It also enables usability for the clients of the bank, granting them easy access to their bank accounts at their convenience, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The software has been leading the way regarding innovation in this field and is implemented in over 50 international banks. Hogan processes over $5 trillion in global deposits and is widely recognised as one of the most dependable and usable banking solution available. Banks will often turn to the systems when looking for opportunities to grow without disrupting the day-to-day infrastructure of banking processes.

It is likely that IT professionals working for a banking firm will need to familiarise themselves with this software.