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A firewall is a software that is used to support and preserve the security of a private network.

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These work by stopping unauthorised access to private networks and their main objective is to prevent unapproved web users or prohibited software from obtaining access to the private networks that are connected to the internet. Firewalls may be implemented in hardware, software or even a combination of both.

The firewall is usually the first line of defence in unlawful or prohibited activity to secure sensitive information. To better protect the data, it can also be encrypted.

Firewalls will generally utilise two or more of the following methods:

  • Application Gateway is where security measures are applied to specific applications.
  • Dynamic Packet Filtering is where a packet’s inbound and outbound data parts are compared to trusted information database for matches, or inconsistencies, in characteristics.
  • Packet Filtering is where attempts to enter or leave a network are governed by a set of outlined rules.
  • Proxy Servers mask real network addresses, in addition to intercepting messages that enter or leave the protected network.

All IT professionals will be aware of and will use firewalls.