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Extract Transform Load (ETL) is a process that is made up of extraction, transformation and loading of data and its corresponding database during use. More specifically, it is used for obtaining data from external sources and adapting the data into an understandable format, which is continually reviewed for errors to meet the needs of the system. The data can then be transmitted to a receiving end.

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Many data storage projects will require data to be received and adapted from various sources; each system may need to employ a separate data organisation or format and may include multiple patterns or structures. Through the transform stage, the data may be passed through a set of rules or operations to make sure it is ready for adaption at the receiving end.

At the receiving end, the process can be simple or complex depending on the needs of the application. Therefore, specialists in data handling will need to understand the range of methods used to replace old data with cumulative data. Additionally, it is vital that these IT professionals have a comprehensive understanding of data and the ETL process.

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