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E-Discovery refers to the electronic aspect of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information. This is usually in response to a request within a lawsuit or investigation and includes emails, documents, presentations, databases, voice mail, audio and video files, social media and websites.

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The processes surrounding E-Discovery are quite complicated because of the amount of data produced and stored online every day. Electronic documents are more dynamic and contain vital information such as time-date stamps, author and recipient information and file properties.

Once the data is identified, anything that is potentially relevant is placed under legal hold, meaning that it can’t be modified, deleted, erased or destroyed. This data is then extracted, indexed and placed into a database, before being professionally analysed. The overall objective of E-Discovery is to produce a core volume of evidence for litigation in legal matters.

Anyone looking to work within the field of IT and law will benefit from a knowledge of E-Discovery, how it is used and why.