DevOps Engineer (Cloud) – Mid Level Image

DevOps dictates that Developers should work alongside the help of other IT departments and software to ensure a streamlined service. 

Showing Permanent jobs with the DEV OPS skill

Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted3/07/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€50,000 - €60,000 LocationSouth East of Ireland TypePermanent
Posted3/07/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin West TypePermanent
Posted17/06/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted15/06/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypePermanent

DevOps emphasises and promotes a relationship between areas of IT which typically function separately. DevOps is the grouping of Developers with specialised Software Engineers, and encouragement for these departments to combine their skills, rather than functioning independently. It improves the operation and communication between groups that are interdependent on each other. By completing the collaboration, the performance of the group is increased, and the task is completed quickly and efficiently.

Jobs that utilise DevOps include: