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AS/400 is a midrange server designed for both small businesses and
departments in larger companies, and can now work well in distributed
networks with Web applications.

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The software benefits from multi-terabytes of disk storage and a Java virtual memory closely ties into the operations of the system. When using this software, you benefit from a built-in SQL database (DB2), and some lesser known concepts such as the ‘library’ system. This works as a hierarchal file system, with slight variations, containing files which incorporate members.

Formally known as the “IBM iSeries”, AS/400 hopes to become an all-
purpose server that can eventually replace PC and Web servers within
businesses. It is in competition with both Wintel and UNIX servers and will hope to give its large customer base an immediate leap into the Internet.

This programme is beneficial for those working in IT management and is a simple and straightforward way to schedule ‘batch’ jobs.