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Within the IT industry, Access refers to the ability to connect to and adapt a certain system, application or system. In essence, Access is just being able to get to the information or server you require. The most common forms of Access IT professionals will come across within their work are Data Access and Remote Access, while anyone who has a computer will be aware of Internet Access.

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Data Access refers to the ability to obtain data on a computer, and this is usually possible because they have been given permission to do so. IT professionals who work in the creation and support of systems, applications and software used for businesses must have a strong knowledge of access programs to help set up restrictions to sensitive data. Those who work in support or cyber security will also be able to confidently use remote access, the process of controlling one system from another, to resolve issues.

Alternatively, Access can refer to the Microsoft application- Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is part of the Office suite of applications and is a pseudo-relational database engine.