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€400 - €500

Ref: E950PK

Job Description

My client is looking for an experienced UX Designer to join their team for 6-12-month contract . All candidates must provide a portfolio (online/PDF)


  • An energetic and visible passion for user centred design & problem solving
  • An intrinsic ability to turn complexity into simplicity
  • The competency to be both quick and thorough
  • An analytical capacity to allow you to quickly pinpoint a problem and suggest the best solution
  • Exceptional communication, presentation and storytelling skills
  • A constant craving for ongoing learning, improvement and enhancement
  • An impressive portfolio that demonstrates your skills and expertise across many areas of the UX landscape including:
  1. Evidence – Discovering what is happening with your product using facts, real numbers and quantitative data. (Usage Data Analytics, Heat-mapping, Behavioural Insights, On-Site Polling, ROI Value Analysis)
  2. Empathy – Understanding the user, their mental model and the reasons behind their actions using qualitative research. (User Research, User Needs Gathering, Usability Testing, Ethnographic Studies, Context of Use Analysis, Mental Modelling)
  3. Exploration – Map the current and expected experiences then propose alterations in an abstract format. (User Journey Mapping, Experience Mapping, Opportunity Areas Identification, Task & Process Analysis, Storyboarding, User Needs Interrogation, User Story Mapping)
  4. Philosophy – Understanding contextually relevant information and organising in a minimal, appropriate and inclusive manner. (Information Architecture, Accessibility, Security, Navigation Design, Card Sorting, Content Strategy)
  5. Creativity – Converting the abstract concepts & organised information into screen layouts for communication and interaction. (Sketching, Wireframing, Interaction Design, Micro-Interaction Design, Mobile/Desktop Optimisation)
  6. Finesse – The beautification of a research based wireframe design considering both accessibility and visual delight. (Visual Design, User Interface Design, Icon & Graphic Design, Branding)
  7. Experimentation – The bridge between hypothesis and reality using a series of test & measure techniques. (Interactive Prototyping, Live Beta Testing, Appetite MVP Tests, A/B & Multi Variant Testing)
  8. Psychology – Optimising business return while maintaining a high-quality user experience. (Persuasive Design Techniques, Motion Choreography, Quantitative Behavioural Science Analysis, Design Studios, Conversion Rate Optimisation)
  9. Collaboration – Sharing knowledge and design rationale based on real research & testing, ensuring a unified and user centred team. (Workshop Facilitation, Presentation & Justification, User Testing Facilitation & Involvement, Development Collaboration, Business Goals & Impact Understanding)
  10. Execution – Designing for technical efficiency while working with consideration for technical restraints and capabilities. (Enough Technical Knowledge to Design for Feasibility, Languages, Platforms & Frameworks, Analytics Tagging & Tracking Process, Technology Stack, Digital Release Process)
  • Visual Design is a key requirement in this role. As is evidence based design and justification for design decisions based on specific user insights.
  • Knowledge of UX trends (past, present and predicted)
  • Great expectation management and collaboration skills across multi-discipline teams
  • Solid experience as a UX Designer

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role, then please Apply along with your updated CV and I will be in touch with you to discuss your application in more detail, otherwise feel free to connect with me by whichever medium you are most comfortable with be that Linkedin, Email or Telephone. Remember we have limited our site to a maximum of 200 Jobs so if this Role is not a 100% match to your requirements please be sure to connect with us as we will most likely have another role which you may find more suitable.

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