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Job Description

My Dublin based client is looking for a Business Transformation Project Manager to join the team on a contract basis.

The Role:

During the life of the 2018-2020 Corporate Strategy, the company is committed to reviewing all internal business processes with the aim of streamlining services and customer interactions for the benefit of all who engage with us. We will extend our use of digital technology to support the business. Investment in improved technology and information management infrastructure will enable greater online access to the information the company holds. We will streamline registration methods through digital channels with the intention to improve business efficiency and reduce unnecessary administrative burden on regulated businesses/persons through the creative, convenient and secure use of online technologies.

This assignment is mission critical to allow the company to progress the delivery of the first year of the 2018-2020 Corporate Strategy through our 2018 Service Plan commitments. Key outputs required for the period of the assignment are the:

-Completion of the review and design of all business processes (identifying potential for efficiencies and streamlining)

-Development of a detailed business transformation project plan

-Development of a business case for consideration by the Council to underpin the investment decision that will be required for ICT transformation.

The Business Transformation Project Initiation Manager will need to be an effective enabler of change and a recognised advocate for the application of ICT/digital solutions to support more effective service-delivery by the company.

This assignment will lay the critical foundations for the company to deliver on its 2018-2020 Corporate Strategy commitment to:

-Implement an ICT Development Strategy to support the business processes and service user needs by providing better management information and increased business intelligence

-Invest in organisation development and transformation as a strategic priority and as a key enabler of the delivery of our other strategic results areas

-Review how we can make the system of regulation as understandable, simple and transparent as possible so that compliance is facilitated and compliance costs are minimised


Key Duties and Responsibilities:


Key duties of the assignment will include but are not limited to:

-Support the initial establishment of Business Transformation Office (BTO) including developing a robust project management methodology and infrastructure and change management framework.

-Identify all business processes and develop organisational repository of all current business processes and related procedures and process maps.

-Conduct a comprehensive review of key business processes to be agreed by the Senior Management Team, identifying areas and opportunities for efficiencies and streamlining, leveraging LEAN/Six Sigma practices to develop best in class processes.

-Facilitate project and cross-functional working groups and workshop activities.

-Engage with cross functional team(s) in the current state (as-is) process mapping and in future state (to-be) common process development, identify data requirements and gaps.

-Work with the Senior Management Team to develop a project delivery plan.

-Develop a comprehensive business case for consideration by the members of the Council at its September 2018 meeting to underpin the significant financial investment decision that will be required for ICT transformation.

-Advocate and promote a culture of continuous improvement and transformation across the company.


Key Requirements:


Must have:

-A minimum of Level 8 degree or other equivalent on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications in a business or a technology related area or other relevant discipline.

-Relevant project/ programme management related industry certifications which clearly demonstrate a depth of knowledge of project and programme management and for how ICT can enable effective business service delivery, e.g. PMP (Project Management Professional), IPMA Professional, PRINCE2 Practitioner, MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Practitioner, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner or similar.

-Extensive experience in digital transformation processes, internal stakeholder engagement and mobilisation.

-Proven track record of successfully leading and delivering on business transformation businesses cases.

-Experience in LEAN/Six Sigma.


In addition, the following are considered desirable:

-Level 9 degree or other equivalent on the Irish National Framework of Qualifications in management or business or a technology related area or other relevant discipline.

-Experience of a similar transformation project or process within a civil/public service /regulatory body.


Specialist Knowledge / Expertise & Self Development: 

-Demonstrates experience of working within a complex multi-stakeholder environment

-Has a breadth and depth of knowledge of government policy on public service transformation and is sensitive to wider political and organisational priorities

-Is considered an expert by stakeholders in own field

-Is focused on self-development, seeks feedback and opportunities for growth


Management & Delivery of Results:

-Assumes responsibility for challenging tasks, delivers on time and to a high standard

-Plans and prioritises work in terms of importance, time-scales and other resource constraints, re-prioritising in light of changing circumstances

-Ensures quality, efficiency and value-for-money are central to the work of the company

-Looks critically to see how things can be done better

-Effectively manages multiple projects

-Ensure controls and performance measures are in place to deliver efficient, cost-effective and high value services

-Open to new ideas initiatives and creative solutions to problems


Analysis & Decision Making:

-Integrates diverse strands of information, identifying inter-relationships and linkages

-Makes clear, timely and well-grounded decisions on important issues

-Considers the wider implications of decisions on a range of stakeholders

-Researches issues thoroughly, consulting appropriately to gather all information needed

-Understands complex issues quickly, accurately absorbing and evaluating data.



-Actively contributes to the development of strategies and policies of the company

-Brings focus and drive to building and sustaining high levels of performance, addressing performance issues as they arise

-Maximises the contribution of the team as a whole

-Clearly defines objectives/goals and delegates effectively, encouraging ownership and responsibility

How to Apply

If you are interested in this role, then please Apply along with your updated CV and I will be in touch with you to discuss your application in more detail, otherwise feel free to connect with me by whichever medium you are most comfortable with be that Linkedin, Email or Telephone. Remember we have limited our site to a maximum of 200 Jobs so if this Role is not a 100% match to your requirements please be sure to connect with us as we will most likely have another role which you may find more suitable.

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