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The Technical Support role entails monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within an organisation as a technical support role. The main responsibility of an individual in a Technical Support role is to assist with any issues or changes which are needed, such as forgotten passwords or email issues.

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Tasks can vary between different organisations; however, main tasks can include installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware and software, as well as solving technical problems. The role may include working with software or equipment suppliers. Alternatively, you may work in-house, supporting the rest of the organisation with their ongoing requirements. Other responsibilities may include working with field engineers to investigate serious problems, as well as testing and fixing faulty equipment. A professional in a Technical Support role will need to have the ability to solve problems, have a good knowledge of technology and an in-depth understanding of the software and equipment the customers or organisation are using. Eolas have a range of technical support jobs which are suitable for someone who demonstrates these skills.