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The role of Technical Authors, commonly known as Technical Writers, is to prepare manuals, articles and other documentation to convey technical information in a way that users can understand.

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Technical Authors collect, develop and distribute technical information to many IT professionals in a range of roles. Working alongside computer support specialists, computer hardware engineers and software developers, Technical Authors manage the flow of information among project workgroups during testing and development.

It is, therefore, important that Technical Authors understand complex information across a variety of disciplines and be able to convey this information to people with diverse professional backgrounds. They may also be required conduct research through internet study, personal observations and discussion with technical specialists. Technical Authors are self-driven individuals who manage their time efficiently.

After the release of a product, Technical Authors may also work with other departments to improve the end-user experience through design changes.

As technical information becomes more web-based, Technical Authors are required to use various interactive technologies to combine text, sound, graphics, multidimensional images and video.