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A Computer Systems Engineer is someone who combines knowledge of engineering, computer science and mathematical analysis to develop, test and evaluate software, circuits, computer systems and more. They do not simply engineer computer technology but understand how said technology fits into the larger framework of professional needs.

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Posted Job Title Salary / Daily Rate Location Type
Posted10/07/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin City Centre / WFH TypePermanent
Posted3/07/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€50,000 - €60,000 LocationSouth East of Ireland TypePermanent
Posted2/07/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€30,000 - €35,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted26/06/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted23/06/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypeContract
Posted22/06/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€45,000 - €55,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted22/06/2020 Salary / Daily Rate€55,000 - €65,000 LocationDublin TypePermanent
Posted19/06/2020 Salary / Daily RateNegotiable LocationDublin TypePermanent

Different companies have different needs when it comes to their computer systems, depending on what sector they are in. For example, a government agency will have different requirements from a manufacturing company, which means a Systems Engineer will need to combine several disciplines to be able to perform their job effectively. Higher sciences, mathematics and electrons all factor into systems engineering.

Computer Systems Engineers can also provide advice to clients about the correct hardware and software to ensure their computers meet their exact needs. They may also be involved in a more hands-on manner during the installation, testing and implantation stages of a project. The engineer would evaluate current systems for effectiveness, make recommendations regarding the scalability of the systems and troubleshoot any problems that may arise during use of the system.

With a growing focus of online information sharing, someone in this occupation would also review a company’s security requirements, use of online applications such as personal data exchange or online purchasing, and recommend the security measures that would allow the company to function without compromising the sensitive data of its clients. The engineer would also provide clients with guidelines highlighting system capabilities, security measures, user interface and other information, so the client is able to operate the system on a daily basis and deal with minor difficulties.