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Service Delivery refers to the creation and/or completion of a service by the business for its clients and can range a wide variety of tasks and industries. The Service Delivery team will often consist of several employees who are experts or experienced in delivering the service, and their works will often result in added value for the client’s business.

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In regards to the IT industry, Service Delivery jobs will include the design, advancement, deployment and operation of applications or IT services for clients or the organisation. It is the responsibility of members of the Service Delivery team to create software, programs or services that meets the objectives of the brief outlined to them by their Project Manager. Many companies will follow an IT service delivery framework that will outline the processes and people involved in each stage, often referred to as the IT Service Management (ITSM).

The products and resources used by the IT Service Delivery are referred to as the service delivery platform, and it is the role of the Service Delivery Manager, sometimes referred to as the Service Level Agreement Manager (SLA Manager), to advance the framework and/or delivery platforms used by the organisation. Members of the Service Delivery team must be able to work efficiently within teams and individually when required. They must be able to work to tight deadlines and have a thorough understanding of IT.