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It is the responsibility of the Service Delivery Manager (SD Manager) to review the framework and systems used by an organisation to improve the efficiency of a client’s business, as well as to conduct these reviews for the company itself.

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They will often consult with clients or executive teams within the organisation to gather feedback that they will use to improve the services provided. It will be their responsibility to outline any changes that could be made to either the Project Manager or executive members of the organisation, depending on the size of the organisation they work for. They will also oversee the service delivery team, and can sometimes be a confidante for employees within the Service Delivery team; they are therefore accountable for informing Project Manager of any issues or changes that need to be made in regards to the project or for employee satisfaction.

The SD Manager will ensure that the software, programs and services, for both new and old systems, are delivering in accordance with the objections and specifications agreed. The main responsibilities for the SD Manager are the development, managing and administering of the best practises for service management and monitoring the performance of services in comparison to the requirements and needs of the organisation in question. It will also be their duty to be the representative of the IT department for the organisation to the client where they will be required to define and maintain the service level agreements, as well as gauge feedback and offer guidance where necessary.